modest 謙虛
humble 謙虛(帶有卑微)
At ease 稍息
Dismiss 解散
Institutionized 制式化
defamiliarization 用特殊的字詞表達簡單意思
prospective 前途無量

wrap up = make a conclusion
Sent sb. packing. 開除某人,炒某人魷魚

head trauma 頭部受創
intensive course 密集訓練
child-abuse 虐待兒童
power-abuse 權利濫用
tell tale 說故事
drop over 串門子
stun gun 電擊槍
e-mail assualt 電子郵件攻擊
poetic license 滿足文章詩詞性而容許的錯誤(常見於名人的文章)
tough grader 嚴格評分者
fellow citizen 親愛的同胞們
vested interest 既得利益(政客)
desperate struggle 垂死掙扎
nothing in particular 就是如此
disgruntled-consumer 愛發牢騷的消費者
Political Correctness 政治正確性
Drink and Drive酒後開車
marry young 年輕就結婚
die on duty 死而後已
duty student 值日生
late-mayor 先市長
ban on proligiration 禁止核子試爆
in the late thirties 將近40歲
a sigh of relief 鬆了一口氣
exchange glances 使眼色
a squad of soldiers 一班之兵
admirable expression 值得崇拜的表達方式
negative material 負面教材
stereo type language 陳腔濫調
print journalism 平面媒體
domino theory 骨牌效應
sowing wild oats 談戀愛
insignificant life 不起眼的生活

take adventage of sb./sth. 利用 / 占(女性)便宜
Sb. is behind the bars 被關、坐牢
I made it to (someplace)!
a body of men = a group of men

The road not taken 不由之路
You reap what you sow. 一分耕耘一分收穫

S.O.P. = Standard Operation Process
stay put = remain calm = remain cool.
PhD = Doctor of Philosophy.
Negative Impact <=> Positive Example
boyfriend of fifteen of years of age = fifteen-year-old boyfriend
He is after a mouse => He is chasing a mouse.
He is courting a girl.

Are you better off? 你過得更好了嗎?
What's your handicap? 你的極限在哪裡?
No one is indispensible 沒有人是不可或缺的
I owe it all to you. 我將這一切歸功於你

Eight years my senior 較我年長八歲

I want a refund "on" my watch.
"feed" data into computer.
act commited "by" sb.
fly a plane / sail a boat / drive a car
I like it "here" 我喜歡這裡

There is a lot of dry stuff = There is no meat in his conversation
With the rain outside the garden, we have to take our umbrella.
Does coke taste good hot? 可樂在熱的時候好喝嗎?
I have a mixed feeling 我的心情很複雜
You'll never know how much you matter to me. 你永遠不知道你對而言有多重要

There is more to beauty than meets the eye.
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
By one's heros, you shall know him. 從一人崇拜的對象,你就可以了解他的人。
Never in history have we seen so few do so much for so many.
The means justifies the ends. 成王敗寇
History tells that people do not learn from the history.
With you in charge, I am at ease. 你辦事,我放心
Too bad, youth is wasted by the young. 真糟,年輕都被年輕人糟蹋了
He has many students all over. 他桃李滿天下
I still have a long way to go. 我還有很多要學
There is no way on earth that you are not going to succeed. 世上沒有什麼事情你將不會成功的

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